ABOUT Love & Life

My main goal for creating this blog is to uplift YOU! Whether it be, helping you make some healthy choices (ie: recipes I will post and other informative blogs/links about improving your health) or some of my fav music videos/songs or just ones that I hope will bless you.

From time to time I will post poems, lyrics to songs and scriptures/devotionals that I hope will impact you in a positive way and breath HOPE into your day! I just want to speak truth, but also show LOVE, kindness and be here for anyone who needs help!

With ALL my LOVE,

~ Donna ~

2 thoughts on “ABOUT Love & Life”

  1. Kim Hunter said:

    Hi Donna,

    I recently read your blog on the Glycemic Index of Sweetners, which I really enjoyed. I’d been looking for information specifically on glycerol and your blog entry was the only place I could locate the GI value for glycerol. I was wondering if you could tell be the source of your information, so that I can research further.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Warm regards

    PS. I’d like to remain anonymous if this is posted to your website, thanks.

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