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Fresh Lemon Juice

YEP that is all!!!!! (NO extra sugar added). Add about 3-4 tbsp of lemon juice per 5-6 organic banana’s (just rub a bit on the slices). Add a dash or so of cinnamon. I toss the cinnamon on top of the banana slices as well (other than in the lemon juice mix) laid out on the dehydrator trays.

The lemon juice helps preserve the colour of the banana’s, it removes some of the intense sweetness and I heard it helps retain some of the vitamin C? Correct me on that one if I am wrong! Hahahah! 🙂

Making banana chips at home (in a dehydrator) is super easy!!! So easy that you can set it while you sleep…and wake up the next day and they’re ready to eat.

Make sure your banana’s are ripe (not greenish).

TIP: if your banana’s are to ripe they will not slice properly (if you’re using a “Mandoline” slicer) 

I use: Norpro Mandoline Slicer

Mandolin Slicer

For this current recipe I used a knife because my banana’s were a little to soft to cut with the slicer. Technically you don’t need a slicer if you have a super sharp knife …just cut your banana’s into uniform thin slices.


My banana’s were a little past this stage. If there are some spots forming on your banana skin that’s ok…but to much past this…they are better for making banana bread…  it’s gone to far otherwise to dehydrate properly…won’t work. 

I sliced the bananas into 1/8 inch slices (at least close to) and laid them out onto the dehydrator trays (leave some space in between each slice). I only had 3 banana’s left so you can bring them close together than how I have it here. 🙂

After 10-12 hours of being in the dehydrator, they came out perfectly CRISPY!!!





The best way to check if they are done: after about 10 hrs grab 2 or 3 of them and let them cool down for about 10 mins. Bite into them see if they are crispy (like potato chips ~ when warm they remain slightly chewy still). If still slightly chewy, you may need to put it on for the last 2 hrs. Just test it every now and then because you may have sliced them a bit thicker than 1/8 .

Like all of my CHIP recipes…when chips are ready…let them cool down before sealing into a container. You will notice even after 12 hrs..when you first grab the banana chip..it will seem somewhat movable/soft…after about 10-15 mins or so…they WILL become very CRISPY. But if you can’t wait and want to eat it slightly warm..it will be a WEE chewy.

Place into a sealed container…(I tend to use a glass dish with a lid. More or
less along the lines of this: (Glass Bakeware Dish). Add some (uncooked rice at the bottom of the dish) it will prevent moisture from going back into your chips. BUT don’t toss that rice out…it is UNCOOKED…you can always cook up that rice for a meal…hahah)

Every dehydrator is different, so it is best to follow the directions that come
with yours.

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