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2 cups of RAW cashews 

1/2 – 1 tbsp of unsweetened vanilla extract (Simply Organic Brand – 
Unsweetened Vanilla Extract)

1/2 tbsp RAW organic honey (I use “Dutchman’s Gold RAW Honey” Dutchman’s Gold RAW Honey)

4 cups of water 

1 cheese cloth or nut milk bag (Nut Milk Bags)

You can adjust how much vanilla/sweetener you want to add to the milk. I suggest you wait until the milk has been chilled. (Better not to overdo the sweetness etc. (the true taste happens when chilled)


  1. Take 2 cups of RAW cashews and place in a large bowl/container with 3-4 cups of water (or enough liquid where the cashews are completely submerged). I used a container that can be sealed/closed. I left the cashews to soak overnight (outside of the fridge) for 8 hours. (you’ll see after 8 hours that the cashews have plumped/expanded).
  2. Strain the cashews from the liquid it was soaking in.
  3. Toss into a blender with the vanilla and honey & add “4” cups of fresh water)
  4. Blend until smooth. It took me about 2-4 mins. If your milk is still gritty..just blend it some more. If you soaked your cashews for the time required…it should not take to long to blend it smooth. If thickens to much just add in a touch more water.
  5. Once it has all been blended… grab a jug/glass jar (whatever you prefer to hold your milk in). Then, grab your cheese cloth or nut milk bag and place over the container. Pour cashew milk through the cheese cloth/nut milk bag and strain (you can use a spoon to scrap/press it as you go).

You’ll notice the remaining cashew pulp is creamy (which can be used to mix with others things/recipes)…I’ll add some recipes to show you that you don’t need to waste that creamy cashew remnants.

Even though it was strained..it will still be delicious and pretty smooth without straining it. But for the ultimate pleasure…the extra step to strain it is a must!

If you want a thinner milk just add more water. 

You can also add some cacao/melted chocolate to have “chocolate milk”.  

Soaking the cashew helps remove acid..it helps for better digestion.

RAW CASHEWS are very WHITEDO NOT use roasted cashews. When nuts are roasted they become denatured!


Here is what the milk looks like when blended




If you own a Vitamix (Vitamix) you probably won’t need to strain the cashew milk. Though I have heard that even with this super powerful blender you can still feel some pulp from the cashews. It is not a long process to strain the milk through a nut milk bag/cheese cloth. It’s is extremely smooth when you complete this extra step.

If you own a nut milk bag ..you can just hang it..and place a container/bowl under it then leave it…let it strain and come back and voila..CASHEW MILK! 🙂

TIP: If left for the next day..just shake/stir the milk. It will slightly separate ..

I always shake liquids before I drink them, even when I used to have cow’s milk… 🙂

You can make 1%, 2%, Half/Half Cream or even higher concentrates/thicker milk/creams with it. It just depends how much water you add. I use 2 cups cashews and 4 cups water.