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1) Asparagus

2) Onions

3) Mushrooms (have fun with different types of mushrooms)

4) Orange, Green,Yellow & Red PEPPERS 

5) 3 Chicken Breast (hormone & antibiotic free)

6) Fresh Garlic

7) BRAGGS Soya Sauce (Braggs Soya Sauce – NON-GMO’d)

8) Kosher Salt (coarse)

9) Coriander (fresh is always better)

10) Fresh Herbs & Parsley (dried if you want or fresh)

11) Fresh Black Pepper

12) Paprika

13) Grapeseed Oil

14) Garlic Powder (not salted and organic)

15) Onion Powder (not salted and organic)

16) Bean Sprouts

17) Baby Spinach

18) Water Chestnuts

19) Fresh Chives

20) Olive Oil

Really you can add anything to a stir fry. I added what was available in the house at the time. Normally I would add some Broccoli, Bok Choy & Carrots to this as well..really the possibilities are endless. You can make it vegetarian, vegan, add different meats, even fish. You can also add a dash or 2 of sesame seed oil (I am allergic ..so I kept it out).

Have fun with it! 🙂

FIRST: Add olive oil to your pan. Then cook up the mushrooms

and onions until browned.


Then add your water chestnuts and brown a little.



Then add in your peppers, fresh garlic & asparagus…cook down a few mins until slightly browned. (I like my veggies with a SLIGHT crunch…not to raw, but up to you how well or little you want to cook them down).



There’s really no exact science to this recipe because some people like things over cooked or under cooked etc. But you don’t want it to be over cooked because it will turn to mush..and you won’t enjoy all the textures to the stir fry.

Then in a separate pan add some grapeseed oil. Then toss in your chicken breast that has been cfut up into bite size pieces. Cook FULLY. NO PINK. Until browned. You can add all of your spices now. 

Add in these herbs or your own herbs/spices of choice. I use a few dashes of soya sauce but you may want more or less. I usually throw a dash or 2 of soya sauce over the veg once cooked and a dash or 2 over the meat while it is cooking. Taste as you go ..that’s what I do!!!! ♥

  1. BRAGGS Soya Sauce (Braggs Soya Sauce)
  2. Kosher Salt (coarse)
  3. Coriander
  4. Fresh Herbs & Parsley (dried if you want or fresh)
  5. Fresh Black Pepper
  6. Paprika
  7. Garlic Powder (not salted and organic)
  8. Onion Powder (not salted and organic)
  9. Fresh Chives

(the chicken is not quite browned/cooked yet in this pic)


Then once the chicken is just about ready..throw in your BEAN SPROUTS & SPINACH. Let sit on top of the chicken for a min or so to steam cook.


Then stir around the CHICKENBEAN SPROUTS & SPINACH for another few mins on medium to low heat.

(sorry pic is blurry)


Then grab your veggies and toss them into the pan with the chicken, spinach and bean sprouts. You’ll want that pan to be larger since you’ll have a ton more food to add to the final pan. 

Garnish with some fresh herbs and you can toss over rice. We only eat long grain brown rice. NO white rice for us! And VOILA! 

As you can see… many of the veggies have caramelized..that is what really helps add a wonderful flavour to the stir fry! 🙂


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