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Retro Jello ~ With Carrot & Fruit

I am a HUGE fan of jello! I don’t know why. But it’s
fun for me….I just love it!

Store bought versions/pkgs of jello are full of BAD sugars and fructose, unhealthy ingredients and full of food colouring. What better way to make jello then right at home….you can control what goes into your jello!!! Much healthier and safer for your kids! 🙂


Mango Tea Jello

2 cups mango decaf tea (hot)

1 cup filtered water (cold)

3 envelopes of gelatin (unflavored – sugar free)

2/3 cup (plus 1 tbsp) of xylitol (powdered ~ Xylitol Canada ~ I use a coffee grinder to powder my xylitol)

Organic raspberries & blueberries

Carrot & Apple Juice Jello

2 cups carrot & apple juice (cold) (done with “Jack LaLanne’s” Power Juicer: Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer)

1 cup water (hot)

3 envelopes of gelatin (unflavored – sugar free)

2/3 cup (plus 1 tbsp) of xylitol (powdered ~ Xylitol Canada ~ I use a coffee grinder to powder my xylitol)

(I used 3 carrots including the peel/skin and 4 green apples including the
peel/skin – the juicer removes all the pulp so don’t worry no bits and pieces end
up into the jello..just beautiful juice)

Orange & Lemon Juice Jello

2 cups orange & lemon juice (cold) (done with “Jack LaLanne’s” Power Juicer: Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer)

1 cup water (hot)

2 envelopes of gelatin (unflavored – sugar free)

1/2 cup of xylitol (powdered ~ Xylitol Canada)

(I used 1 lemon including the peel/skin and 2 very large oranges including the peel/skin – use 4-5 smaller ones if you do not have the larger oranges. You can also do a lemon lime. If you want a less bitter citrus, just remove the peel/white part of the peel and only use the MEAT of the lemon & orange to juice and add a bit more xylitol to have it sweeter. I love lemon so I don’t mind it. If using it withe the skin add only 2 pkgs of gelatin. If using only lemon/orange juice add 3 pkgs)

Very Berry Tea Jello

2 cups very berry decaf tea (hot)

1 cup filtered water (cold)

3 envelopes of gelatin (unflavored – sugar free)

2/3 cup (plus 1 tbsp) of xylitol (powdered ~ Xylitol Canada)

Organic small red grapes

(I more or less just went with what ingredients I had in the house)


With each layer you want to let the jello cool for about 1-2 hours before
adding the next layer of jello. If you use less gelatin you will need a longer time
for it to set.

First take your 3 pkgs of gelatin and let it bloom/set in 1 cup of COLD water or
2 cups of your COLD fruit/veg juice. Depending what favours you are making
you will use either just 1 cup of water for your gelatin to bloom..or use your 2
cups of COLD fruit juice to bloom the gelatin and then use 1 cup of HOT
liquid/water to add into it after.

You’ll want to let your gelatin bloom for 2-5 mins. Doesn’t take long. Just be
sure to stir it around so it is mixed well enough so it can bloom well.

I normally use about 3 cups of liquid and 3 pkgs of gelatin. If you want your
jello less stiff, you can use about 2 pkgs of gelatin.

Add your xylitol/sugar to the HOT liquid so it can dissolve then pour into the
cold mix.

The possibilities are endless with flavours. Test some flavours out on your kids to see what ones they love the best and stick with them. You can have all sorts of FUN with it. You can make it as sweet as you want. I also have tried an all VEG one (did not save or take pics will have to re-do for another time)…..no sugar added at all. Just wonderful vegetable flavours. You can add ginger and other spices as well. Just another SPIN on JELLO! 🙂




To unmold, moisten fingertips (or use a knife) and gently pull the top edges (or score it) away from the mold. Fill a bowl with warm (but not hot) water, or you can fill up your sink with water if using a larger dish and let it sit in the water; dip the mold just until the water nears the top. Hold it under for 20 seconds. Take it out of the water. Place a large plate over the mold. Holding the mold and plate together, invert and gently shake to loosen. Then slowly and gently pull the mold off. If the jello does not come out, dip the mold back into the water for another 15 to 20 seconds to help loosen it from the sides.

There are tons of vitamins in this jello. Especially since I used the skin/peel on many of the veg/fruits. You can also just make ONE flavour and let it set. It’s SUPER easy…and you can have jello within 3-4 hours for your kids. If making a fancier jello with different layers it can take 6-8 hours, because you have to wait for it to set 2 hours per layer. But making the juice and blooming the gelatin takes no time at all. 

While your jello is setting for the next layer, fold some laundry, catch up on some things. Relax in between – watch a movie, call a friend, read your bible. 🙂

IMPORTANT: If you are using your “Jack LaLanne’s” power juicer do not get rid of the pulp. I put a bag into the part that catches the pulp (easier for clean up as well) and I add that pulp into MUFFINS. In this case I have ORANGE, LEMON, GREEN APPLE & CARROT. That would be wonderful to add to muffins and a bunch of chocolate chunk chips! I will be adding a recipe for this muffin soon! 🙂

These were done with the same jello flavours that were layered above. I just didn’t add any berries/grapes! Just take the liquid jello and pour into a measuring cup to help you get it into the glasses.



You’ll want to use a long skinny spoon or a little wee spoon if using shooter glasses.



So many ways to fancy it up!

You can also use milk products/whipped toppings to add a different contrast and creamy-ness & flavour. (but that is not as healthy because it will contain other bad/unhealthy ingredients). An alternative for dairy or a creamier texture you can use unsweetened almond milk or coconut milk. I’ll try this recipe for you soon!

I wanted to make a dessert that was ~ EGG, GLUTEN, DAIRY & NUT FREE and
with a LOW GLYCEMIC sugar! Kids have SO many allergies these days! 😦

Glycemic Index of Sweeteners

Glycemic Index of Sweeteners

(click on pictures for larger view)

Ps. So far out of these 4 flavours…the  “Very Berry Tea Jello with Red Grapes” was the FAV. Hubby LOVES this one!