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(Gluten, Dairy, Grain, Soy, Yeast Free)


3 cups blanched almond flour (not to packed) (Almond Flour)

1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda (aluminum free)

1 teaspoon kosher salt (fine, not course or you can grind it down)

1/2 cup coconut oil (liquefied – Carrington Farms Coconut Oil – can be found at Costco)

1/2 cup powdered xylitol (Xylitol Canada

3 extra large eggs (ROOM TEMP – free range-antibiotic free) 

2 tablespoons organic unsweetened vanilla extract (Simply Organic Brand – Unsweetened Vanilla Extract)

2 large ripened bananas 

1 cup of chocolate chips (healthier to make your own. My recipe found here: Dairy Free Homemade Chocolate Chips)


Combine: almond flour, baking soda, salt into a medium bowl. (IMPORTANT: SIFT your dry ingredients. I use: 3 Cup Flour Sifter)

XYLITOL is DRY ingredient but it dissolves better by throwing it in with the LIQUID ingredients. ( So DO NOT add your xyliol here)


In a bowl whisk together: coconut oil, eggs, vanilla, bananas and xylitol. (whisk fairly quickly or your warm liquid coconut oil will harden again.) If it hardens before you get a chance to mix it in with the dry ingredients just put it in a microwave safe dish (glass preferably) for about 30 secs. Tossing the liquefied coconut oil in after the eggs, vanilla & banana’s has been mixed …is best. 

YES, I know…this looks disgusting….I’m just really trying to paint the picture here…hahah!



Stir together (with spatula) the wet ingredients into the dry (be gentle).


Stir in roughly 1 cup of chocolate chips (or as desired – though to many chocolate chips I find prevents the muffins from rising well..or the muffins are to moist).


Add batter into large muffin liners (roughly 3/4 full).


Bake muffins for 18-20 minutes at 325°

(the last few mins use a tooth pick to check if they are ready. Everyone’s oven is different. If the tooth pick is pretty clean, then they are ready. Almond flour can burn easily..even though it may not look overdone..it can taste overdone. So keep an eye on it. It doesn’t hurt if there is a slight bit of batter on the toothpick..just as long as it’s not to goopy/wet)

Remove from tray and set aside to cool.





They can keep for about 2-3 days out of the fridge, but because they are organic/natural and contain no preservatives..best to place in the fridge..(they also freeze well). 🙂

YIELDS: 18-20 muffins

Ps. Unblanched “Almond Flour” will not work. In fact, it will be a miserable failure, so I do not recommend even trying unblanched. Or grinding down your own almond flour. It does not work well for most baked goods.

EGG REPLACER: in place of eggs I have also used Chia or Flax gel (for those of you who need food to be EGG FREE). For 1 tbsp of seeds add 3 tbsp of water let sit for an 1/2-hr and it will turn into a gel. 1 tbsp of seeds & 3 tbsp of water EQUALS = 1 EGG. If using CHIA/FLAX gel the recipe will require 2 tsp of baking soda(instead of 1 1/2) and add 1 tsp of apple cider vinegar. Place  your 2 tsp baking soda in with the DRY ingredients you are SIFTING and then add your apple cider vinegar to your LIQUID ingredients.

I use (BRAGGS brand non-GMO’d: Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar – Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar).

I would also suggested grinding down your flax/cia gel.

CAUTION: when using Xylitol, please do not feed any animals/pets) – When Using Xylitol