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This is just a guess-timate really..but pretty close. You can change your spices etc..adapt it to the way you like it. I like chilli a bit hotter with epic spices added. 

 Use as organic as you can with the ingredients. For those who are vegetarian/vegan..you could probably just remove the meat and add more beans/veggies and veg broth instead of chicken/beef broth.



Olive Oil or Grapeseed Oil (just enough to cook down the mushrooms and onions)

3 Large Onions

4 pkgs of 12 oz Mushrooms (fresh – I use brown baby bells )

3 tbsp’s Kosher Salt

1 cup Braggs Soya Sauce (Braggs Soya Sauce)

4 lbs of ground meat (1 lb of ground turkey, 1 lb of ground chicken, 2 lbs of ground beef – grass fed)

4 peppers (green, orange, yellow & red – or as much as you prefer)

3 large celery stalks

3 large carrots

2 cups of Frozen (ORGANIC) Corn

1 cup of frozen (ORGANIC) peas

1 beef broth (organic – 900 ml container)

 2 cups of Organic Chicken Broth (when I pour out the pasta sauce I throw the chicken broth into the bottles to remove the remaining sauce stuck in the bottles)

 2 bottles of PC Organics Pasta Sauce (Roasted Garlic & Herb) 

 2 cans of RED kidney beans (organic)

 2 cans of WHITE kidney beans (organic)

 2 cans of CHIC peas (organic)

 2 cans of BLACK beans (organic)

 (Organic Canned Beans – STRAIN ALL BEANS/CHIC PEAS under cold water to remove access salt etc.)

You can also use beans that are “not canned” which is the better healthier method. If using beans that are not canned…here is how you soak them: Soaking Beans)



 (Add spices/salt to your own taste..this is a VERY large pot so need to add a decent amount of spices etc.)

1 tbsp – Cayenne Pepper 

1 tbsp – Chili Powder 

2 tbsp – Ginger (I used dried and then powdered it in my coffee grinder, you can use fresh as well)

3 tbsp – Dried Fresh Herbs (or add fresh..even better)

3 cloves of fresh garlic

3 tbsp – Oregano

3 tbsp – Curry (yellow)

6 tbsp – Cumin 

5 tbsp – Coriander (one of my most FAV spices)


 Before the simmering down!



(1) In a VERY large pot add a few swirls of olive oil. I probably used 1/2 cup or less. Add in the onions and mushrooms. Cook down until browned a bit.

 (2) Toss in the thawed ground meats. It may not brown because it’s moist in the pot now with the onions/mushrooms. Don’t add any other ingredients until the meat is cooked. 

 (3) Add the: 

 – 1 cup Braggs Soya Sauce 

 4 Peppers (green, orange, yellow & red – or as much as you prefer)

 3 large celery stalks

2 cups of frozen (ORGANIC) Corn

1 cup of frozen (ORGANIC) peas

 3 large carrots  –  Add ALL spices & salt

(4) Once cooked down a bit add all the BEANS (make sure to recycle your cans..hahah) – (rinse your beans in a strainer with cold water to remove excess salt etc.)

 – 2 cans of RED kidney beans 

 2 cans of CHIC peas

 2 cans of WHITE kidney beans

 2 cans of BLACK beans

(5) Add the:

 – 1 Organic Beef Broth (900 ml container)

– 2 Cups of Organic Chicken Broth (when I pour out the pasta sauce I throw the chicken broth into the bottles to remove the remaining sauce stuck in the bottles)

 – 2 Bottles of PC Organics Pasta Sauce – Roasted Garlic & Herb 

(6) Sim, Sim, Simmer for about 4 hours. If your element goes by 1-9 keep on low 3. 

  • Chop your veggies/onions to your own size preference. I like a chunkier chilli.
  • Tastes even better left over..I put it into containers in the freezer. Pop it out when you need it..or to mix with other recipes. My Hubby uses it for taking lunches to work! 🙂
  • This seriously only took me about 30 mins or so to prep. Of course waiting for the cooking in between takes longer. But to prepare it..very easy. Have all of your ingredients/spices out..chopped up and ready to go..then BAM you are in business!!! The longest part is rinsing the beans..I toss them one can at a time into a strainer..rinse with cold water until clean…then you’re set!

When ready..toss into a crock pot…perfect for parties! 🙂